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5-Step Help Desk Transition Plan From In-House to Outsourced Help Desk Support

You don’t need to shoulder the burden of managing a successful transition alone. If you’ve put the time and energy into your systems on the front-end, and have done your due diligence before hiring your vendor, then you can trust them to take on more of the work. After launch, phase four is about continued maintenance and monitoring the way the systems work to make sure it’s supporting your users. This phase may include refinements to improve processes or simple maintenance of the ones that are working. During a transition like this, a project plan offers you a clear path and a road map, including dates and deliverables. At Global Help Desk, our four-phase process was developed to help clients shape every project transition plan, ensuring it’s a success.

Senior infrastructure engineers average a higher salary than the annual salary of help desk engineers. Information engineers typically earn higher educational levels compared to help desk engineers. Specifically, they’re 7.8% more likely to graduate with a Master’s Degree, and 0.3% more likely to earn a Doctoral Degree. An average information engineer eans a higher salary compared to the average salary of help desk engineers. The difference in salaries amounts to information engineers earning a $52,559 higher average salary than help desk engineers.

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While some skills are required in each professionacirc;euro;trade;s responsibilities, there are some differences to note. “escalate,” “provide technical assistance,” “help desk,” and “mac” are skills that commonly show up on help desk engineer resumes. On the other hand, senior infrastructure help desk engineer engineers use skills like cloud, aws, azure, and powershell on their resumes. An information engineer is responsible for monitoring the efficiency of computer systems and network infrastructure, performing configuration to boost the optimal performance of the technology systems.

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You can work on both simultaneously with a foundational online course like Google’s Technical Support Fundamentals. You may already have some qualifications to become a help desk technician today. For example, if you’ve worked in customer service before then you have a solid foundation, but you may need to build your technical skill set. To go beyond the top of the ladder would be to become a C-level executive, Director, Independent Consultant, Analyst or VP. Some people work for 30 years and don’t get to the metaphorical ‘top of the ladder’. I firmly believe you could be a Senior Systems Engineer up until you are ready to retire and be completely happy.

The In-demand Pathway: Cybersecurity

“Put yourself in a position to succeed” is standard advice in sports, and it can be implemented to achieve your professional and personal goals. The first phase begins with identifying https://remotemode.net/ who needs support and how things are currently done. The discovery process will also uncover what’s working under the old system and where there’s room to make new improvements.

  • Additionally, those who complete this certification course receive an IBM digital badge and access to exclusive job placement resources.
  • Make sure to build a strong knowledge management strategy to identify, capture, and transfer knowledge from project delivery to the service desk.
  • They are also responsible for resolving the network problems, installing and configuring hardware and software.
  • If you like to code, design and create, put that passion to use as a web administrator.